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Goddis Awareness Bracelets - Elevate Your Consciousness

Elevate your style and consciousness with my handcrafted bracelets. Each bracelet is made to order with AAA high-quality beads, strung on a durable stretch cord for maximum comfort and flexibility. I check each stone, bead, and spacer for quality to ensure that you receive the best product. Whether you're looking to raise your vibration, remove negative energies around you, or attaining focus during meditation.. my customized bracelets are perfect for you. 

Natural crystal and gemstone bracelets are great for meditation. Here are a few suggestions of my bracelets to help achieve focus for a higher state of consciousness in meditation:

Amethyst - calming

Hematite - grounding

Lapis Lazuli - raising consciousness 

Rose Quartz - unconditional love

Clear Quartz - the Master Healer

Aquamarine - tranquility 

Black Onyx - power & protection 

If you're stressed, anxious, tense and worried spend a few minutes in meditation. During meditation relax, quite your mind, BE grounded, and pay attention to your breathing. Meditation can help you learn to stay centered and achieve inner peace. This is how you elevate your consciousness and raise your vibration!

*Some of the meditation bracelets suggested may not be shown on my site but available for order.

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